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Welcome to The Sourcery

This is the new home of what was formerly known as the Mud Server Developer's Page which I started in back in 1996, which endured several host changes. Oh the pages are still out there somewhere but have been broken for about a year.

The primary purpose of these pages is to provide information about developing and running muds. That's a pretty vague order as the field is broad. Much of the information you will find here is in the form of links to other sites. Much of it old and outdated. Some of it is new and will only be found here. A lot of it is eclectic and only tangentially related to muds, but touch on topics that many encounter in programming any networked application or game. This site unlike the old site is open and dynamic. If you've got mud information, links to mud resources and other mud stuff to share find a spot to edit here and add it. Make sure you visit SourceryPolicy and WikiHelp first.


Mud Servers

Developers Tools

Advanced programming links



Other Mud Resource Sites

  • [MudLab]
    MudLab? design discussion forums.
  • [MUDLISTS] This site has a large database of muds listed and ranked.

Articles and Features


Site Information


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