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Links to Database Information


An Object-oriented system for persistent storage.

The home page can be found at http://coldstore.sourceforge.net/.

[The Free Database List]

A list of freely available databases.

CETUS Links Page

Databases: Mapping Objects to Relations.

The home page can be found at http://mini.net/cetus/oo_db_systems_3.html.


Index of publicly available database software.

The home page can be found at http://www.acm.org/sigmod/databaseSoftware/.


The objective of the [SHORE] project is to design, implement, and evaluate a persistent object system that will serve the needs of a wide variety of target applications including hardware and software CAD systems, persistent programming languages, geographic information systems, satellite data repositories, and multi-media applications. Shore expands on the basic capabilities of the widely-used EXODUS Storage Manager in a number of ways including support for typed objects, multiple programming languages, a "Unix-like" hierarchical name space for named objects, and a Unix-compatible interface to objects with a "text" field. This interface is intended to ease the transition of applications from the Unix file system environment to Shore as existing Unix tools such as vi, emacs, or cc will be able to store their data in Shore objects without modification.

[The Database Systems Laboratory]

[The Database Systems Laboratory] is part of Computer Science at the University of Massachusetts. "We are interested in supporting novel, advanced applications that expand the limits of traditional databases, especially transaction systems. Our work aims to enhance performance and functionality of applications, such as workflows and information retrieval, that require or can benefit from transactional support. To this end, we exploit semantic information about the objects, operations, transaction model, and the application."

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