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Quick Snippets

This page contains small code snippets that may or not be useful to mud programmers. Consider them all to be public domain.

Counting objects in player files on a ROM type mud

$ cat offcount.c
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>

int offline_obj_count(int vnum)
  FILE *f;
  char cmd[160];
  int count;

    "egrep -ch \"^Vnum %d\" ../player/* | gawk \'{ s += $1 }; END { print s }\' > sum.txt", vnum);
  f = fopen ("sum.txt", "r");
  if (!f) {
    printf("offline_obj_count: Could not read sum.txt file.");
    return 0;
  fscanf(f,"%d\n", &count);
  return count;

int main(int argc, char** argv) {
  int vnum = atoi(argv[1]);
  int count = offline_obj_count(vnum);
  printf("Vnum:%d Count:%d", vnum, count);
  return 0;

$ gcc offcount.c

$ ./a 3382
Vnum:3382 Count:62

$ ./a 23008
Vnum:23008 Count:1

$ ./a 23048
Vnum:23048 Count:2

$ ./a 9999
Vnum:9999 Count:0

MPStatus command for Mobprogs

This snippet allows you to store and read state in Mobprogs.

In mob_prog.c add this define...

#define CHK_STATUS      (53)

In fn_keyword[] add this...

  "status",  /* if status $n == 1000  - checks status value on obj,room or mob */

In cmd_eval() near the end after case CHK_GRPSIZE: add...

  case CHK_STATUS:
    lval = lval_char->mprog_status;

Add the following to the CHAR_DATA structure in merc.h

  int   mprog_status;

Add an entry to mob_cmd_table[] in mob_cmds.c

  {"status", do_mpstatus},

Add this routine or similar to mob_cmds.c

void do_mpstatus (CHAR_DATA * ch, char *argument)
  char arg[MIL];
  char errbuf[MIL];

  if (ch == NULL)

  one_argument (argument, arg);
  if (!is_number (arg)) {
    sprintf (errbuf, "MpStatus: invalid arg from mob vnum %d.",
        ch->isNPC() ? ch->pIndexData->vnum : 0);
    wiznet (errbuf, NULL, NULL, WIZ_PROGS, 0, 0);
  ch->mprog_status = atoi (arg);

Get it working and now your mprogs have the capability to save and query state.

The following fight trigger is an example of usage:

if status $i == 0
  poke $n
  say You look delicious, $n.
  mob status 1
if status $i == 1
  say I have a feeling your flesh will be rather tough.
  mob echo A bolt of energy flies from $I's hand!
  mob cast 'force bolt' $n
  mob status 2
if status $i == 2
  if rand 25
    mob status 0

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