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This is yet another attempt to update the genealogy of muds and build a visual tree. This differs somewhat from the other mud trees in that I've attempted to not only provide lines of derivation and inspiration, but dating the muds either from the release date of the source code or in many cases making an educated guess. Also most of the muds here are publicly available, or were at one point, except those I thought it interesting to show the ancestry. Much of this information comes from sources themselves or from the resources listed at the bottom of this page.

Goto the MudGenealogyProjectDiscussion page to post commentary, corrections and more detailed information if you have it.

I realize this graphic is highly unreadable in it's current form, but if you can zoom in the detail is there. When I get the time I'll explode it into several trees as well as map the graphics to pages where one might find further information about the muds listed here.

Credits go to the following sites below, and most expecially the hard work of Martin Keegan and Lauren Burka as well as the people they credit. I will work up a detailed list of credits as time permits but see the following sites in the mean time.

Goto MudGenealogyDiscussion? for posting commentary and more information.

The Mud Tree

This is an ongoing project to map the relationships between muds and show how they evolved. You can help if you have information regarding a mud type on the tree for which there is no description, or muds which are not on the tree at all. The original tree is mirrored at http://www.kanga.nu/cgi-bin/mud_tree.cgi. Also read the [JOVE paper]

The MUDdex

The [MUDdex] is Lauren Burka's collection of documents pertaining to the history of MUDS. Most of these documents are posts saved from Usenet, MUD-related mailing lists, or logs of MUD interactions. Many of them are of historical or humorous interest.


The Diku Mud Family Tree

A heirarchy of Diku derived servers with links to server source code. The page can be found at http://www.game.org/heirarchy.html.

Raph Koster's - The Online World Timeline

Excellent work and well-researched. Find it at http://www.legendmud.org/raph/gaming/mudtimeline.html

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