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Got a request?

This page was created for any requests for pages or articles, or features. -- JonLambert

Added some info in the cygwin topic on changing the default shell to a rxvt shell. Could give it it's own subject, since I stuffed it under the compile a mud in cygwin one. Improvements welcome, rxvt has a rather annoying copy/paste when using a 2 button mouse.. - Scandum

Thanks. I spawned off a general CygwinTips page. -- JonLambert

How about a list of useful books? And don't put designing virtual worlds on it please *shudder*

Started one here with comments but it's still a work in progress... -- JonLambert

Could we subsection the Developer tools to reflect Windows, MacOS?, Unix etc? - [[vital]

MacTools? and MacMudClients would be great. I do have a few links to MacMudServers? laying around, but I don't know enough about the Mac to start a list of tools and clients. A list a free unix developers tools might be redundant as most come with the os or are easily obtained. Although a series of howto's would be most useful. HowToUseGdb?, HowToUseLint?, HowToUseGcov?, HowToUseGprof?... -- JonLambert

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