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[eMUDS] is a mud client written in Lisp that runs under EMACS.

Unix Mud Clients

An alphabetical listing of Unix clients written especially for muds. Add to it if you find one missing.


[eMUDS] is a mud client written in Lisp that runs under EMACS.


This is an awesome mud client for people who use KDE. Supports multiple sessions, quick window switching, scripting, alias's and more!

[Kmuddy homepage]


A light weight MUD client stricly for *nix. If you don't have X this is a nice program. It also has a graphical version which runs on GTK+2.0 for those who have X and enjoy the features of mudix.

[Mudix homepage]


[Powwow] is a mud client designed for DikuMUDs?, but nothing prevents its use for other types of MUDs. Powwow also implements the MUME remote editing protocol, which enables you to edit texts on the MUD using your own favourite editor, several texts at once if you have a windowing terminal.


[SClient] is a small mud client for X Windows. It features a connection wizard with autologin option, logger, triggers, macros, aliases, ansi color, command line history, and font selection.


A powerful console client with a clean interface. It's main assets are an easy to learn and use scripting language, a searchable scrollback buffer, a split screen interface to seperate output from input, and keyboard macros that work on all systems.

[TinTin++ Homepage]


Version 5.05b and 4.01 avaiable, one of the most popular and powerful clients. Compiles under most forms of unix and there are windows ports available also.

[Tinyfugue Homepage]

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