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[Download it here!]
[Download it here!]

This is the mobprogs/objprogs/roomprogs implementation I wrote for Lunar Eclipse mud.

I release all my code contain herein public domain. The rest of the code, the mobprogs parts are publicly available many places and were written by...

   MOBprograms for ROM 2.4 v0.98g (C) M.Nylander 1996                     
   Based on MERC 2.2 MOBprograms concept by N'Atas-ha.                    
   Written and adapted to ROM 2.4 by                                     
   Markku Nylander (markku.nylander@uta.fi)                       
   This code may be copied and distributed as per the ROM license.       

No doubt you are running some sort of Diku/Merc?/ROM and following the licenses already if you want to use this.

This not complete code. It is not a snippet. This source is part C and part C++. It sort of evolved. You'll have to make many changes to it to call the appropriate ROM functions instead of the C++ ones which are not included. You'll have to puzzle it out for yourself. I don't code on these muds anymore and won't support this code. However there is more than enough implementation and ideas contained here for anyone proficient to upgrade their old Mobprogs to work on Objects and Rooms.

Have fun

Jon A. Lambert aka Antilochos aka Tyche

[Download it here!]

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