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TAMS (Technologically Advanced Mud Server)

About TAMS

TAMS is an acronym for Technologically Advanced Mud Server. The plans for TAMS include first making a stable C++ mud that extensively makes use of the STL to it's advantage. Currently, TAMS is undergoing a complete revamp of the class hierarchy to create a more abstracted interface (using inheritance from base objects) for programmers to use. Afterwards, it will incorporate a system to store the states of the world using MySQL?, while XML stores large database for future access. The worlds coordinate planes will be stored using hexagonal grids to represent spatial data. At a usable stage, a Java client will access special extensions to TAMS, enabling it to provide players with such things as health information and even scores to display in formatted web tables.

Who's Who

TAMS is currently only being developed by Devin Torres (Xeon). He is looking for coders, webmasters, and builders.

Contact Information

Website: [http://tams.slayn.net/]
Email: [xeon@austin.rr.com]
Test port: [slayn.net:3333]

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