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Here's the LPMud Drivers Tree. I don't know much about the Mudlibs.

The LPMud and LPMud 3.0 boxes are place holders for something. I can't find either codes. Neither can I find the original LPMud 2.4.5 code. The earliest code I've obtained for the LP family is the 2.4.5 VMS port listed. I have obtained the code to both the 1.4.1-A and 2.4.5 releases. You can find them in the sourcery repository.

 LPMud 1.3.1 -  April 16th 1990
 LPMud 1.3.3 -  May 7th 1990
 LPMud 1.4.0-A - May 15th 1990
 LPMud 1.4.1-A - May 25th 1990
 LPMud 2.4.5 - November 1990

The earliest dates in any sources I've found is January 31st, 1990. Also in an [alt.mud message] dated Mar 29 1990, Lars Pensjo states, "I started to make this program about 6 months ago..."

The first LPMud server was announced [here on Feb. 8th 1990].

"There are some discussions about how a multi user dungeon really should be done. I have made one, and it works, although there are of course lot of bugs yet.

My game can be seen as a cross between Abermud and tinyMUD. It is up and running for public access, but as I don't consider it complete yet, I am not ready to go public with the address. Any one interested to try can mail me a request.

My game is called LPmud."

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